Parent Education Provided By AuthenticME

The following are impactful and affordable parent presentations offered by Mary Ellen Young and Sandra McDonnell.  Workshops are 1.5 hours and can be customized to fit your needs. For more information, contact them at info@authenticme.biz.


Helping Girls Thrive in Adolescence
Being an adolescent/pre-teen girl has never been easy but today girls are challenged with so much more. With a focus on the social, emotional and biological challenges of adolescence, learn ways to help your daughter understand and appreciate her changing body, form healthy relationships, communicate effectively, and develop a strong sense of self.


Mean Girls, Cliques and Gossip: Understanding and Coping with Relational Aggression
Eye rolling, drama, rumors and exclusion … what can we do?  Nearly all girls experience relational aggression (girl bullying) at some point. Research has shown that how girls interrelate during adolescence has profound lifelong implications. Learn the causes of relational aggression and strategies to help girls prevent and cope with it.


Disconnect: Helping Your Child Power Down to Go Within
Concern about how youth are dealing with the “always on” digital world is widespread and growing. For most kids, busy, stressful schedules do not allow down time, yet time spent in quiet self-reflection is essential to hear one’s authentic inner voice. Hear the latest research about the value of powering down and learn strategies to help your children thrive in an all-too-virtual-world.


The Other Three R’s:  Raising Responsible, Respectful and Resilient Children
Raising children in today’s demanding, high stakes, over-scheduled, digital age is challenging. With what can be a hyper-vigilant focus on grades, scores and performance, let’s take a timeout to consider what youth really need to be prepared for life. Learn specific strategies to help your children respect themselves and others, take responsibility, and bounce back from failure.


Social Emotional Skills:  Essential for Success and Happiness
Parents play a critical role in preparing their children for success in school and life.  While strong academics are key, the research is clear – development of social and emotional competencies is also essential for success in all aspects of life. Skills such as problem solving, developing healthy relationships, stress management, conflict resolution, and resisting peer pressure are more important than ever. Learn how parents can teach and model these essential social and emotional skills.



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