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The following are impactful and affordable parent presentations offered by Mary Ellen Young and Sandra McDonnell.  Workshops are 1.5 hours and can be customized to fit your needs. For more information, contact them at


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Clarity in Complicated Times: Tips and Tools for Navigating Today’s Parenting Challenges
Parents today are busy, often overwhelmed, and challenged by a variety of things and events negatively
impacting their families. With epidemic rates of anxiety and depression, children of all ages also have been
impacted by these complicated times. Although technology provides efficiency to many daily tasks, parents
fear what the overuse use of screens and social media means to their children’s social emotional development
and relationships. While today’s parenting landscape has changed dramatically, what children need to thrive has
not. In this presentation, we’ll explore:

  •  Parenting styles and their impact on our children’s behavior
  •  What research says is the most important gift you can give your child
  •  How parental self-awareness contributes to more conscious, effective parenting
  •  When and how to praise your child
  •  How to encourage more empathy and compassion

The Other Three R’s:  Keys to Developing Relationships, Respect and Resiliency
Raising children in today’s demanding, high stakes, over-scheduled, digital age is challenging. With what can be
a hyper-vigilant focus on grades, scores and performance, let’s take a timeout to consider what youth really need
to be prepared for life. Learn specific strategies to help your children develop healthy relationships, respect
themselves and others, and bounce back from failure. This workshop will also explore:

  •  Skills needed to build strong relationships
  •  The basics of the child and adolescent brain’s capacity for learning new skills
  •  Five key requirements for raising respectful children
  •  Internal and external resources that support resiliency

Social Emotional Skills:  Essential for Success and Happiness
Parents play a critical role in preparing their children for success in school and life.  While strong academics are
key, the research is clear – development of social and emotional competencies is also essential for success in all
aspects of life. Skills such as problem solving, developing healthy relationships, stress management, conflict
resolution, and resisting peer pressure are more important than ever. Learn how parents can teach and model
these essential social and emotional skills:

  •  Self-awareness
  •  Self-management
  •  Social awareness
  •  Relationship skills
  •  Responsible decision making

Disconnect: Helping Your Child Power Down to Go Within
Concern about how youth are dealing with the “always on” digital world is widespread and growing. For most
kids, busy, stressful schedules do not allow down time, yet time spent in quiet self-reflection is essential to hear
one’s authentic inner voice. Hear the latest research about the value of powering down and learn strategies to
help your children thrive in an all-too- virtual-world. In this workshop participants will:

  •  Learn how to embrace (not fear) and self-manage technology
  •  Explore the teenage brain to understand why it is impacted by excessive screen time
  •  Be introduced to essential social emotional learning skills
  •  Experience the benefits of mindfulness
  •  Learn the benefits of disconnecting
  •  Develop strategies to support our children


Helping Girls Thrive in Adolescence: A Toolbox for Helping to Create a Strong Sense of Self
Being an adolescent/pre-teen girl has never been easy but today girls are challenged with so much more. With a
focus on the social, emotional and biological challenges of adolescence, learn ways to help your daughter
understand and appreciate her changing body, form healthy relationships, communicate effectively, and develop
a strong sense of self. This workshop will introduce parents to five key components to help their daughters

  •  Self-awareness
  •  Self-acceptance
  •  Relationship skills
  •  Communication styles
  •  Empathy

Mean Girls? Understanding and Coping with Relational Aggression
Eye rolling, drama, rumors and exclusion … what can we do?  Nearly all girls experience relational aggression
(girl bullying) at some point. Research has shown that how girls interrelate during adolescence has profound
lifelong implications. Parents can play a significant role in minimizing the pain and maximizing the critical life
skills necessary to navigate these turbulent years. This workshop will answer these questions:

  •  What is relational aggression?
  •  How is it different from conflict?
  •  What are the factors that contribute to relational difficulties?
  •  What skills do girls need to navigate healthy relationships?
  •  What can parents do to intervene effectively?



Schools and organizations that have had us speak in the past have said:


“Many thanks for your amazing presentation for the Parent Roundtable. The information you shared was powerful, informative and so valuable for everyone.  Everything you said was practical and action- ready!!!“

“Mary Ellen helped us all — parents and educators — understand relational aggression and the supports we can provide to help our girls grow into positive well-adjusted young women.“

“Mary Ellen was a great source of information for our parents.  The parents left with concrete tips for how to support their children through times of social challenge, as well as provided information on the social development of children through the elementary years.”


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